Mad Monkees


Rock band formed in March 2015 by experienced musicians from the Rock scene of Fortaleza (CE), released the first EP in September / 2015. Praised by the local press, the group presents an elaborate, intriguing and heavy sound, a well-defined artistic concept, with a graphic art that complements the sound of the band. In less than 6 months after its release, it played in 3 states participating in the DoSol and Suado (RN), Metal Dragon, Music and Rock-Cordel Festivals, and also released its EP at SESC Belenzinho (São Paulo ), also played in the Ponto CE Festival, Maloca Dragão and several other smaller ones and also opened shows of bands like Soulfly, Dance of Days and Glória. Mad Monkees brings the excitement of a new band, but with their musicians recognized in their hometown for their excellent performances, both in performance and in contact with the public. Mad Monkees has been adding more and more fans around the world, and in 2017 releases its first full album, produced by Brazilian legend Carlos Eduardo Miranda in partnership with Rodrigo Sanches, won the Latin Grammy for his work on the singer's album 'Tropix' Sky.


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