It’s the year of Diamond Dogs (David Bowie), The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Genesis), Rush’s debut album, Natty Dread (Bob Marley), and many others.

Growing up in Sao Paulo in the 80s and 90s before the Internet, it was difficult to get access to the latest album releases and information. There was one place in Sao Paulo called Galeria do Rock (Rock Gallery), where I could find the best and latest vinyls and Cds. My best friends, Andriano and Luis, and I would skip class, and go to the Rock Gallery to get our hands on the fresh gems from the US and Europe and spend our entire month’s savings on records. We would then go to Adriano’s house (he had the best gears) and spend the afternoon listening to the albums, drinking beer and talking about music. To spend hours with dear friends (my music wingmen) used to fill me up with such joy. It was bliss.

Fast forward about 23 years.

NYC, 2018. I have decided to join my years of professional experience in the hospitality business with my passion for vinyls and music. Silence By Records was dreamed into reality.

We stand behind bringing back the pleasure of physically & in- person enjoying music as an art form. Music, as any other form of art, has to be touched, smelled, felt, experienced with all the senses. We also want to create a community, encouraging socialization to be in person once again.  Nowadays, so much of our lives is virtual, behind a screen; we even participate in virtual gatherings. In this spirit, we want to bring back the joy of getting together, put a needle on the record, have a beer and talk about music with friends and others who share our passion for music.